“Oops didn’t see you there!” “Where did you come from?”

We’ve heard it all before! BIKERS SEEM TO BE INVISIBLE! We ride our safest, but we seem to be invisible to other road users. Most UK bikers are out at weekends and make the most of the few summer days we get.

But this soon gets spoilt by careless drivers who don’t seem to keep a look out for us bikers. 



A replacement bike within 24 hours of you reporting the incident...

bike repairs

Repair your bike at one of our manufacturer approved garages...

recovery and storage

Collection of your bike from the scene of the accident...

free legal assistance

When you buy a motor insurance policy from us...


24 Hour Accident Helpline

> Accident Management Service

> Motorcycle Hire & Repair

> Liability assessment & accident investigation
> Recovery of uninsured losses

Were you involved in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault? We can help.

Bike Angels is available to assist and we’re waiting for your call. We’re here to take the struggle out of the aftereffects of an accident. We provide replacement bikes, recovery services, liaise with insurance agencies to help recover losses, as well as handle bike repairs.

There’s no need to stress when you partner with us. We’re an all in one accident management service. We’ll take away the hassle, put you in contact with the right people, and get you the help you need after a motorbike accident.  

We know that going through an accident, no matter the severity,can be extremely challenging. Our goal is to lessen the burden.

Our Clients Come First!

We know that going through an accident, no matter the severity, can be extremely challenging. Our goal is to lessen the burden. If you want a hire bike in a different make or model, we will do our best to deliver it! We also have a full stock of helmets and other safety protection if needed.

Get a Hire Bike to your door

We’ll arrange the delivery according to what’s most comfortable for you. We don’t care about the time of day; we only care about getting you a replacement bike as soon as we can.

During the handover process, one of our reps will help familiarize you with the hire bike, and we’re always on call if you have any queries.

Repairing your Bike after an Accident

We won’t tell you where to get your bike repaired, but we can offer a repair at one of our manufacturer approved garages.

We work with Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, and other manufacturers. Give us a call to learn more about how we can expedite the repair process of your bike.